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3 Favourite Sculptures in Florence

I guess it wouldn’t be fair, not to mention anything about the sculptures in Florence. Especially because one of the most beautiful sculptures ever made, can be found there.

These are my 3 favourites:

Giambologna – Rape of the Sabine Women (1574-82)

In the Loggia Dei Lanza, in front of the Palazzo Vecchio, you can see this mythical statue. The dynamic protagonists in this scene accentuate the dramatic subject.

giambologna - Rape of the Sabine Women

giambologna – Rape of the Sabine Women

Giambologna – Rape Of the Sabine Women

Donatello – David (circa1440)

Less famous than Michelangelo’s David and hardly comparable:

  • Black bronze vs snow white Carara Marble
  • modest size (1,58m) vs monumental size (5,7m)
  • feminin (slim, senual, female hat) vs masculin (strong, muscles, confident)

Despite these differences, i really like the Donatello version of David.

Donatello -  David

Donatello – David

Michelangelo – David (1501-1504)

One of the most beautiful sculptures of all time. And if you are in Florence, you should really see the original version of the statue inside the Uffizi museum.  The original version is magical, it is of a godlike beautiness.  This is a Masterpiece. All copies of David are pulp.

Michelangelo - David

Michelangelo – David