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Boss Art website

Today i launched the website of contempory artist Boss, who is a friend of mine:

When he asked me about some ideas and information about a website, i was really enthousiastic and proposed to create the website for him and maintain it. We had an agreement that i can write whatever i want and so i will describe how i see and interprete his work. Of course i have had many conversations with him about his art and art in general, so i think i pretty well know him and how he looks at things.

For certain works, i already added a description and i will keep continuing adding more works and descriptions in the future.

I really think it is great art. It’s fun, clever, original and it is very varied, so please visit

And please let me know what you think of it.

Ravothko (ode to Raveel and Rothko)

Ravothko (ode to Raveel and Rothko)